Copy Cat Recipe: Jerusalem Bowl from Fresh

Fresh is a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. Their menu is filled with versatility and different recipes that make you question if you truly need meat in your life.

Being frugal is something that I had to become when I first moved to Toronto. I love eating out and trying new restaurants in Toronto but, it does come with a price. When it comes to take-out restaurants, I try eating there only once and then finding a way to imitate the recipe at home.


Jerusalem Bowl  



flax hummus, grilled spinach, tomato, cucumber, parsley, red onion, sunflower sprouts, olive oil, tamari, lemon, mixed herbs & chili powder

Regular Size Bowl on Ride: 16.50$



Shopping bag

Cooked Barley: 1.59$ per bag

Cucumber: 1.99 $

Pea Shoots: 1.99$

Spinach: 75 cent/lb

Red Onion: 99 cent

Tomatoes: 2.99$ for a pint

Lemon : 1.00

Hummus: 2.95 / container


I decided to use barley because I feel more full whenever I eat this instead of rice. Barley is a great source of iron and fibre.

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