6ixfluencer: Becca Mercer

Pedal to the Metal with Spinster Rebecca Mercer

Community, Vitality, Passion, Transformation, Motivation and Strength

6ix Cycle is not your average spin class, it’s more like a Vegas night club with spin bikes conveniently situated in the room.

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Age: 26
Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta

Where do you work?

I am currently completing my dietetic internship at Sunnybrook hospital. I also teach spin at 6ix
Cycle Tuesdays and Saturdays! (Come spin with me!!)


 Imagine: Low lights, Big Beats and one hell of a sweaty party.  Classes are friendly to all fitness levels, as each rider is in control of their own bike and can take breaks or scale back when needed.  We do everything to the beat of the music, which provides our riders with a gauge to help them measure progression from class to class with our first priority always being the safety of the rider.  The high energy classes allow you to push yourself a little further than you ever thought possible and walk out a little stronger than you were when you walked in. – https://www.6ixcycle.com/

Rating: 5/5


What do you love about your job/workplace?

I have always been passionate about nutrition, and I completed my M.Sc. in more of a public
health related aspect of nutrition, so now to be learning in a clinical setting has been a
completely new and challenging aspect of my field that I am really enjoying.  I don’t consider my spin job a job, it is WAY too much fun and to be honest I am 100% a spin addict. Stepping into the studio with bangin tunes and an amazing spin community is an
escape from all of the other stressors and craziness of life.



Why did you pick Toronto has your new home?

I moved for my internship at Sunnybrook, but I think Toronto may have a new recruit. I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon (sorry Mom and Dad!).

How does Toronto influence your brand/ what you do?

Given that I am still fresh to the city, I cannot really speak to this much. The one thing I will say is I am always amazed at how friendly, open to connect and driven people are here. I have met so many amazing people who are doing such bad ass work in areas/fields I didn’t even know existed.

Favorite Food Spot in Toronto

My little Cabbagetown kitchen!!
In terms of restaurants, it is so hard to choose just one! The best meal I have had was hands down Alo (#treatyoself) – but it’s definitely not somewhere you’d frequent on the regular. With that being said, I love trying new places. Luckily I have a boyfriend and friends who are always down to restaurant hop with me. A few highlights for me have been: La Palma, Bang Bang Ice Cream, Seven Lives tacos and Union.



Top 10 items that you keep in your fridge/pantry at all time

1. Legumes: I do not cook meat at home so I incorporate lentils, chickpeas, black beans etc
into my diet daily. They are nutritional powerhouses and there is countless ways to prepare
2. Homemade salad dressings: Store bought dressings are the worst. Everyone needs to stop
buying that watered down sugar oil… homemade dressings with herbs and quality oils take your
salads from blah to bomb. And they are super easy!
3. Egg whites: I eat egg white oatmeal basically every morning… creature of habit.
4. Nut butters: No explanation needed.
5. Allllll the veggies: I try and eat seasonally but some that you will always find in my fridge
includes: spinach, peppers, cherry tomatoes and cut up celery.
6. Ginger and garlic: my father taught me that all good meals start with a generous amount of
fresh ginger and garlic. He is a smart man.

7. Batch cooked meals for the week: If I want to have a life or exercise daily during the week,
I do not have time to cook so I always take time on the weekend to prep for the coming week.
Currently I have a massive amount of roasted root veggies in the fridge and a few different lentil
soups in the freezer.
8. Apples: Fall is my favourite season for many reasons; the honey crisp apples are one of
9. Cream: Don’t try and tell me your hot bean water tastes good without it. Just don’t.
10. An emergency bottle of red wine. Obvi.

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