The Creation of With a Grain of Salt

Today is the International Day of Happiness; which means I took the time to reflect on what truly makes me happy. August 2017, marks the day where I finally took the plunge and wanted to start my own blog. YES…. another food blog… but WHY?

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Food has always been a major component in my life. Food has taught me so much. Food has been the comfort when feeling down but also what I turn to when its time to celebrate. As a child, I remember, my mom making full meals with only about 40$ / week.

Coming from a single parent household, she provide us with by far the best meals and always tried to make us feel included especially when we had pizza lunches and hot dog lunches at school, she would always make sure that we had the same as the other kids.  I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFUL OF MY MOM. And always think of ideas of different recipes she made us as kids and try to add a little twist to my recipes that I share with all my salters (get it? haha) Food was a way for me to feel comfortable and happy and that was just the start of our on-going and never ending relationship.

As a nationally ranked athlete, food was my motivator during training. Eating what could be push me over the edge of my competition. I was able to eat anything that I wanted, I became strong and smarter on the field. But when my rugby career came to an end, food was not my best friend. I had to learn to eat well and make sure that I was not overindulging. In December 2016, this is when I finally decided to take my health into my hands, and eat better and become more educated on what I was eating. I went from weighing 183 lbs to dropping to 142lbs. WAS THIS HARD? well hell yeassss…. But food soon became my best friend again. I was researching how to make meals and try different things including healthier alternatives to the junk that I was used to eating.



My obsession with food then pushed me to accomplish two physical goals that I had listed for 2017.

  1. Run in the Lululemon 10km
  2. Participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer from Toronto to Niagara Falls ( yessss….)


I was running 10km almost everyday and riding as much as I could. I was able to accomplish both of those. When the summer came to a close, I decided it was time for me to start my blog. But how could mine be different? I had to include the three Fs ( Family, Food and Fitness).

Food has brought me friends and many great bonding experiences and the experience to get to know other people’s culture through food. Food has helped me work on my fitness. What is best for my own physical health…. (ALSO DO NOT FORGET, that eating well and feeling well makes you happy). and with FAMILY you will always have food.

Now take the time to think. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

How happy are you? What can you do to make yourself happier? What challenges will you be taking on in 2018?

For me its to share all my amazing recipes and food adventures and fitness experiences with you.



 with a grain of salt


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