2019: What are your goals?

So it’s 2019 and we all make ridiculous resolutions that aren’t always attainable. This year, I decided to create a list of 19 goals/bucket list to motivate me throughout the year and get things of my lifetime bucket list crossed off.


1. International Vacation  – Headed to Ireland with my good friend Meridith. Maybe I will be able to kill two birds with one stone when trying to accomplish these goals. Maybe a Michelin Star Restaurant but in Ireland??

2. With a grain of salt e-book  

I have created a bit of a following for my readers and really want them to enjoy my recipes ; price of the e-book will be 5 $ and I am looking for an April launch!

3. Dedicate 3 days a week to working out 

I want to join a fitness community in Toronto (that I truly enjoy)

4. Participate in Ride to Conquer Cancer for 3rd time 

This time I will be riding in my aunt Louise’s home province of Québec

5. Annual trip with bestie @sarahschoening   – Where to this time?

6. Calgary Stampede 2019 

7. NCAA or NFL tailgate 

8. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant  

With my passion for food, this has always been on my goals list. Eat at as many Michelin Star Restaurants.

9. Mend and nurture relationships  

I must admit this year has been a hard year for me in losing meaningful friendships and relationships. It’s time for me to acknowledge my faults and see how I can be a better friend, daughter and sister.

10. Take a Pilates and Boxing class   

Pretty Self Explanatory

11. Get back into running ; sign up for 10 k @lululemonto run

Over a year ago, I used to run 10K every single day….. I want to get back into running. It was a way for me to clear my mind and relax.

12. Start new writing project 

TBD. Stay Tuned

13. Take the time to enjoy reading : 4 books  

Reading for me is a way to take my mind away from every day life. It’s a great way to learn and experience different things. Reading is learning and there’s nothing better in life.

14. Solo trip to Chicago 

I have never travelled by myself and I would love to travel to the windy city, enjoy some delicious food all my lonesome? Sometimes it’s great to do things by yourself.

15. Attend a Wellness Retreat 

16. Financial Accountability  

I want to be fully independent from my family’s support. I am currently repaying my student loans and so close to being debt free. LET’S GET IT DONE. My mom has always said hustle now and you can enjoy later.

17. Try 10 new restaurants in Toronto  

  • Alo
  • Famiglia Baldassarre
  • The Chase Fish & Oyster
  • Sarah
  • Trattoria Nervosa
  • Bar Isabel
  • Alobar
  • KOST
  • Mamakas Taverna
  • Grey Gardens
  • Joso’s

18. Treat my mom to a trip together 

She deserves it! She’s the best!

19. Dedicate time to write 1 blog post per week 

My blog has become a passion project and I want to share with everyone a blog a week.

20. BONUS: overall have a positive energy and mindset

Positivity attracts the people you truly want to be around. Point blank period. Positive helps you enjoy life to its fullest.

Take the time over the next week to write your goals and what is the most important for you to accomplish this coming year.

2019 should be a good one

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