SARA: You’ve Gotta Eat Here

I headed to Sara with my girlfriends back in March. We were completely clueless about the restaurant’s concept.

Sara encourages undistracted dining and reconnection on all levels, from an emphasis on sharing small plates to clean modern design. They also encourage no phones at the dinner table… they have a small compartment where you can put your phone for the evening. I love this concept – it actually forces you to detach from your phone and enjoy the company you keep.

Bottles of wine and food were amazing; dinner was a bit on the pricier end but well worth it! I would rate this spot 5/5

Here are a few of the dishes that we tried:

Salmon Roe, Chive Cream, Kombu Maple

Hamachi, Salmon, Jalapeño, Chicharron Chips

Schmaltz, Kewpie Mayo, Kimchi, Bonito Salt

Hollandaise, Fermented Chili, Squid Ink

Garlic Caramel, Green Papaya, Cashew Brittle

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