Maison Publique : You’ve Gotta Eat Here

For my summer vacation this year, I decided to go to my chalet located in Matane. But on the drive up, I stopped in Montreal for the night to meet up with my friend Brittany.

I had asked many people what would be the best spot to eat and I had so many people suggest : Maison Publique.

The FOOD AND SERVICE were IMPECCABLE. You could only order food off the menu that was plastered on the wall. With a rotating seasonal menu… this spot will not fail! I also now have a thing that I only eat at the bar of restaurants… you are able to have amazing conversations with the bar staff.(where they give you their go-to spots)

The Menu


Here are a few of the dishes that we tried while we were there!

Not Pictured

  • Collier de Hamachi Grillé (grilled hamachi)
  • Burrata, verdures et Anchois

Courgettes, Pesto, Parmesan

Pétoncles, Beurre à l’ail, Chapelures

So the next time that you are visiting Montreal, make sure to hit up this hidden gem in the Plateau- Mont Royal

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