A How To Guide to Making Water Less Boring

Kicking your sweet drink habit is a great way to cut added sugars out of your life. But what if you’re getting bored with your bottle of plain old H2O? Infused water offers a refreshing twist! I, myself, am a huge fan of fountain pop but the added sugar can total to a 15lbs weight increase per year.

Spa water with cucumber and lemon is nothing new, but there are so many fresh ways to play with fruit, veggies, herbs, spices, even tea and flower petals.

DIY flavoured waters are fun, easy, and a delicious way to trick yourself into drinking more.Here’s what you need to know to get started.Tools: You can buy a special water bottle, with a basket to hold fruit and other ingredients, which makes cleanup convenient. But a regular water bottle, mason jar, or a larger pitcher for bigger batches work, too.

Ingredients: There are lots of fun fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients that impart flavour and aroma, starting with these general categories.

  • Fruit: Citrus, berry, cherry, grape, peach, melon
  • Vegetables: Cucumber, celery, fennel, carrot
  • Herbs: Mint, rosemary, basil, thyme
  • Spice: Vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom
  • Flowers: Lavender, rose, hibiscus
  • Tea: Green, white, black
Tips: Give fruits and veggies a rinse and scrub before they go in, and slice or chop firmer varieties to release more flavor.

Thin-skinned raspberries are fine left whole, but slices get more out of a tart apple! And if you’re trying tea, consider the strength and caffeine. You might want to pull the leaves out before they become over-steeped or bitter.

7 Delicious Flavor Combos for Infused Water

Spa water = cucumber + lemon + mint

Very berry = strawberry + raspberry + blueberry

Citrus kick= orange + grapefruit + rosemary

Cherry dreams = cherry + blackberry + vanilla

Summertime = watermelon + lime + mint

Peachy Bikini= white tea + peach + cinnamon

Green teaser = green tea + lemon + ginger

My favourite combination is Ginger, Lime and Basil

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