Feelin’ Salty Food Service

Feelin’ Salty Food Service provides a meal plan with locally sourced ingredients.We work closely with our local business and farms to ensure we are using the very best in fresh produce and ethically sourced meat.

Our meals are portion controlled with a great balance of Protein, Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats.

*Although we do not use these items in our meals we are not a certified “free” environment and therefore do not recommend those with allergies to these items order from our menu.


Lunch (Bowls) + Snack

  • Five (5) snacks included with your weekly lunches
  • 60.00 $

Lunch (Bowls) Only

  • Lunch only for five (5) days
  • 50.00$

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Feelin’ Salty Food Service is only provided to customers within the downtown core of Toronto