Goldie Salad

OK OK OK ! So this is not my own recipe but it has to be shared. I follow Nicole Berrie (@bonberi) - every day and love everything that she is about. This is the ultimate salad and will be on repeat in your kitchen. As my personal touch, I actually added some mini cucumber [...]

Coconut Legume Curry

coconut legume curry This weekend I hosted my first dinner party ever and let me tell you this... It was amazing - I was so happy with the outcome. I made all the recipes from scratch and this one stood out the most.  This is a one stop shop slow cooker recipe that is the [...]

Golden Goddess Hummus

With winter clearly taking over our souls; it's a must for us to lighten up our grey days with this hummus recipe. This Golden Goddess Hummus recipe will be the sunshine and the much needed vitamin D that you have been craving during this rainy weather. ______________________ Ingredients  1 can chickpeas, drained1 lemon, juiced3 tbsp [...]