Roasted Aubergine Spread

After my trip to the UK, I became obsessed with Deliciously Ella. She posted this recipe to her instagram account a few days ago; so I decided to make my own. With my kitchen aid food processor, it made it so much easier to make this amazingly delicious spread.  Slather it on sandwiches, dip your [...]

Golden Goddess Hummus

With winter clearly taking over our souls; it's a must for us to lighten up our grey days with this hummus recipe. This Golden Goddess Hummus recipe will be the sunshine and the much needed vitamin D that you have been craving during this rainy weather. ______________________ Ingredients  1 can chickpeas, drained1 lemon, juiced3 tbsp [...]

High Protein Black Bean Spread

Healthy food can most definitely taste as delicious as or better than all the unhealthy crap lining the shelves at the grocery store. Enough Said! The high level of magnesium in black beans is just fantastic – magnesium is critical for so many different areas of our bodies – including bone integrity, energy production and nervous system balance.   Ingredients 2 cloves garlic 1 inch ginger, fresh (1 inch = [...]