Garlic Rosemary Chicken with Cranberries

Tired of your traditional turkey Christmas dinner ? This Garlic Rosemary Chicken with Cranberries is to die for. Delicious, juicy chicken with a bit of sour and sweetness from the cranberries will be your new favourite Christmas special. Ingredients 2 cups fresh cranberries 1/3 cup brown sugar 2-3 tbsp white wine vinegar, more for later [...]

Ultimate Mediterranean Bowl

OPA!  Ultimate Mediterranean Bowl is one of the easiest prep recipes on my blog. The prep consists of roasting chickpeas, making a simple tomato and parsley salad. You are able to prepare all the ingredients and store in separate containers. Whenever you are hungry, just grab and go Ingredients  Zataar Roasted Chickpeas Pitted Olives (from [...]